Reasons Why Your Online Business is Not Growing As Expected

Online Business, it’s quite easy to start, but to turn it into a brand? Now that is a challenge!. Bigger brands must have a well-maintained website listing their products and services, allowing their customers more reliable and hassle-free online shopping. But is the trick to success just randomly posting your products and services online? Or is there a secret behind this whole “Customer Satisfaction while online shopping” thing?          

In this blog, we are going to discuss five common mistakes in online business and discuss their solutions that can work just like a trick up your sleeve and boost your online business as you have dreamt it.

1. Products or services don’t look appetizing enough

A most common problem while doing online business. Let’s take it from the customer’s point of view. Imagine someone is looking for a pair of sneakers online, thinking of wearing them on a special occasion. A product picture taken using only the white fluorescent light won’t be much of a sales kicker. If you post the same picture with

  • Better lighting effect
  • Posted with the company frame and logo
  • With relevant information 

 And guess what? You got yourself a customer!! A good description of the product and services can easily increase your online sales. Increasing online sales isn’t just about the quality of the product. You need to get your customers hooked on your products only to increase your online sales.

2. Poor order to delivery service

A customer who wants to avail of one of your products or services would want a fast, smooth delivery as well, in which case he/she will order again from you. Although the bigger chains of brands have a lot of manpower processing their orders and delivering them, you may not. To overcome this struggle of collecting the orders and keeping track of them properly, you need to implement an online sales strategy, thus increasing your online sales. Proper packaging and implementation of an autonomous order collection system for all your possible order incomings can play the real trick to increasing your sales online.

LazyChat provides you just this, an all-around chatbot and order collector so that you can focus on the proper delivery.

3. Lack of online presence

Social media is something that people can’t live without and will search for something there before they bother to google it. If your page gets enough reviews and check-ins, make sure to prepare for those extra pressures, because your online sales are going to explode. Social media marketing is very important even though this is not a novice job to accomplish. In order to increase your online sales through social media, 

  • You have to learn the current market demand and deliver your products suitably. 
  • You need to progress your way to increasing your online sales through social media. 
  • Almost all of the social media that are widely used today have their very own “ChatBox”. People who wish to learn and know about your products will want a fast and reliable reply.

Now you might think that that’s one heck of a hassle. But don’t worry, LazyChat offers you a hassle-free environment as it replies and connects the customer to you directly. You won’t need to collect the orders individually, LazyChat will help you here by collecting all of them and making a single list.

4. Lack of a solid online sales and marketing strategy

Increasing online sales is not just providing a good product or service. Rather, it consists of a small portion of a larger picture. A well-planned online marketing strategy is the key to reaching your customers, letting people know that you are on social media with your online business and so many more. A well-planned strategy can make the whole difference. You need to know which of your products are selling the most, what are the customer feedbacks, how many clicks does each of the individual products receives, and many more. Using these statistics can help you to understand how you are going to increase your online sales. Wondering which tool to use to collect this data? Already thinking of searching around google and binge-watching youtube tutorials? Don’t do any of that, just get yourself LazyChat and sit back as your required data shall be collected autonomously. So you will have all the time to move toward your bigger picture.

5. Targeting the wrong customer group 

Increasing online sales, using social media to increase your sales will not be enough if you don’t understand what group of people you are targeting and what type of products or services they desire. The face of online business in Bangladesh is quite bright. People are more enthusiastic nowadays to order something online, they want to shop online rather than going out and buying the product physically. You need to understand the people around you and deliver products best to suit their needs. And this calls for a market study. Offering things that don’t intrigue people won’t sell anywhere. So make sure to offer the right thing at the right time. Hey, no one is going to buy your beach pants on a winter day!

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