How LazyChat can help you get repeat customers?

Once you make some sales, your next job is to get repeat customers for your business. Otherwise, your business will be a successful venture. Not getting repeat customers means that your product or service is not up to the standard.

But now, you may be asking how you can do that.

Well, I won’t lie. This is hard. There are ways you can attract repeat customers to your business. But they are complex and hard to pull off in reality. 

This is where LazyChat will come to the rescue. LazyChat can help you to navigate these complex steps and decisions smoothly. It has various tools to do so.

But What Exactly Is LazyChat?

LazyChat is an all one tool to simplify online businesses. LazyChat handles orders and customer service through chatbots. It is now available on messenger. LazyChat provides a one-of-a-kind customer experience. And it will do that while slashing support costs by 80%. 

Three main factors to bring repeat customers

If you want to bring repeat customers to your business, you have to maintain 3 basic factors. They are:

  1. Maintain good communications.
  2. Provide the best customer service.
  3. Provide a unique and easy shopping experience.

If you are interested to know more about that, you are in luck. We have a blog on this subject as well. Read it here.

How Can LazyChat Help You To Get Repeat Customers?

LazyChat has a lot of features that can help you get your customers back. These features can produce customer and sales data. This data will help you perform various complex tasks smoothly. Moreover, the operation of LazyChat is entirely automated.

LazyChat Can Guarantee An Effortless Shopping Experience

For your customers, LazyChat can make sure that they get an effortless shopping experience. Here’s how it can do so:

Fast Order & Purchase

As I have already mentioned, LazyChat is an all one tool to simplify online businesses. Your customers can access the catalog of your business on Messenger. What’s best is that they can order and purchase products by chatting with your business on messenger. They will not have to go to the websites and order there. Your customers can see an entire website-like display inside the messenger. It makes searching, finding, and ordering products easier and faster than ever. The customers can get back to the conversation right after completing their order. And it will make them come back to you for more. It will give your business the edge you have always wanted. 


You know what FAQ is. But the FAQ feature that LazyChat offers you is special. With this function, your customer will just have to write some keywords in the chatbox. And LazyChat will send the answer to that inquiry automatically. 

You will have to select the keywords and set their answers in the admin panel. You will also be able to send pictures and links to the answers.

Comment Automation

In traditional social media businesses, customers comment on the posts enquiring about availability, variations, prices, etc. Here the business owner needs to reply to those comments individually. It is a very labor and time-intensive task. Like everything, LazyChat can come to your rescue. 

LazyChat offers you the Comment Automation function. When someone comments on your Facebook page enquiring about something, LazyChat will automatically send the reply to the comment. You can send a text as well. You can customize these replies to have images, links, and add cart or purchase buttons as well.

LazyChat Will Help You To Attract Your Customers Using Targeted Marketing

LazyChat offers you various tools that will help you to maintain good communication with your customers. The best part of that is, that you will be able to market your catalog to your customers automatically. And you will not have to break a sweat. I will elaborate on these tools now.

Top Customer

This function will analyze your sales data, as mentioned above. And then it will identify who your top customers are. You can then offer them various incentives and benefits. It will make them come back to your business again and again.

Trending Items

LazyChat can automatically collect the sales data and provide you with a performance report on the dashboard. It can single out the trending items. From this feature, you will be able to understand which products are being sold and get the most attention from your target market. You will also be able to know who is buying what. Now, to attract repeat customers, you can do several things with this information:

  • You can market the trending products to your customers more by running promotional offers on those products.
  • You can market similar products to your customers who bought the trending products.
  • You can market related products to your customers who have bought something already.

Cart Abandonment

Sometimes customers add products to their carts but do not purchase them. They can do it for various reasons. They may leave that for later and forget. They may find the process complicated. Financial strain can be a reason as well. But let’s come to the main point.

When a cart is abandoned, LazyChat will let you know that. After a specific period (which you can set manually), it will also let you send the customer a message. It may include a purchase button to ensure a one-click purchase. You can also give a discount if your customer purchases the product right away. The options are limitless- you decide what you want to do with it!

Customer Database

LazyChat can manage large customer databases in various categories. You can filter these categories and get data for these categories. The data will let you have comprehensive information about who is buying what, from where. 

What can you do with that? You can do the standard marketing analysis and adjust your business accordingly. You can also export customer data into an excel sheet. Next, you can upload the data to Facebook, and perform targeted marketing such as sending promotional messages and targeting the customers with sponsored posts on Facebook. You can edit customer data as well!

LazyChat Ensures The Overall Satisfaction of Both the Customers And Sellers

You now know what applications LazyChat offers to bring back repeat customers to your business. As I have explained above, LazyChat will enable you to offer your customers a fast, easy, and hassle-free shopping experience. 

You also know that LazyChat makes your job a lot easier. It will automatically analyze and generate reports on customer and sales data and help you make business-related decisions fast. Furthermore, you can market your diverse products to your customers easily. 

These benefits will translate into mainly two things-

  • One, is a pool of happy and satisfied customers who are aware of all the products they might need. 
  • Two, you, an efficient business owner who will have more time they need to grow their business.

If you can combine these two things, you will be able to get repeat customers. And what that will entail is a healthy, growing business.

Last Word

Well, now you know how LazyChat can help your business. I hope that I have managed to convince you to get LazyChat for your business. And it can frankly do a lot.

So, make your product up to the mark, get LazyChat to sell your products, and grow. Your business will be unstoppable!

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