When wanting to start a business, the only way to promote your products is through the best possible product photography. As the saying goes, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it,” many people don’t realize the true power it holds. 

You can take a product with hundreds of features and do mediocre product photography that will ultimately result in fewer clicks. Although, if you take a product and click the right shots, you could potentially sell millions.

However, not everyone knows how to make the best product photography. Photographic skills must include fixing the proper studio lighting, using the right shutter speed, including natural light, diffusers, softboxes, and different photographic tricks!

Hence, to help you understand a better overview of different product photography tips, we’ve come up with the 7 best product photography tips and tricks to make your business flourish. 

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

7 Best Product Photography Tips and Tricks 

An internet-based business has the best chances of getting more reach and attracting customers when the product portrait photography is done right. When customers look at your business page, they should get the right tone for it with the best sample-quality picture. 

Thus, let’s see a few of the best tips we have prepared. 

  1. Use The Right Equipment 

If you don’t have the proper gear, completing your product photography with finesse can be a challenging task. 

However, even if you have expensive equipment, your products may not be lucrative because of missing features. You must look out for certain points while selecting photography gear for your business:

  • Optical Zoom: A physical camera lens movement is necessary to improve the visual subject’s apparent closeness. 
  • Lens Features: When you have a professional camera, it should be able to shift lenses and capture in cinematic mode with properly focused shifts. If your camera’s focusing is blurry, the outcome of the final shot will be flimsy and not professional. 
  • Storage Facility: Ensure taking the photos in the maximum resolution. That will require a bit of space. After all, skimping on the number of shots you take because you have less storage isn’t a good idea!

  1. Proper Flash is A Must 

A light source is the most important element for your subject. Your camera should have an attached flash if the additional flash equipment isn’t ready on the spot. Nikon Speedlite DSLR cameras perform best in incorporating flashes and white balance. 

If you don’t have the best flash, use a reflector. You can also pair umbrellas for a studio photography effect. Using a softbox is the best idea if you’re outdoors and aiming for a soft light look. 

  1. Invest In a Tripod

Product photography, AKA showcasing your products is all about the details, which can be achieved only if the picture has perfect stability. 

For stability, you will need to invest in a good tripod. If not, your camera can cause motion blur from even the littlest movement. Tripods can help ensure your depth-of-field remains stable while taking photos amid bouncing motion. 

  1. Be Careful of The Background

One of the best product photography tips and tricks includes being careful about your background. While most businesses encourage using a white backdrop for your product, we think otherwise. 

While a stale white background will help showcase your product clearly and simply, a background that engages with your social media feed will make your photo more lucrative. 

You can use a simple backdrop of any color that contrasts with your product. For example, if your product is more on the white scale, use a black backdrop and henceforth. 

Making sure of using a simple background that doesn’t cause a distraction to the customers will help your product shine its way through being bought.

  1. Adjust The Lighting

When it comes to product photography lighting tips and tricks, the best method is to use diffused lighting and cause minimal shadowing. The only way to achieve the perfect picture is to use a softbox bigger than the product in itself.

Using sunlight is also a great option to showcase and reflect the details of your product. You can also see different tutorials on the internet to achieve various looks.

Other options for portrait lighting are to use a light panel, lighting gear, external flash, fluorescent lighting, dimmable compact fluorescent, etc. If you’re planning on recording videos, you can also use led video light and a flash kit for the best background lighting. 

  1. Use a Sense of Scaling

Nowadays, customers want to make sure they know everything about the product they’re buying, including its measurements. You can add the measurement details in the product description, but giving your clients a sense of scaling through the pictures is better. 

Depending on how big or small your product is, place something recognizable alongside the product. For example, if you’re selling hair bands, place a small table mirror next to it. Or if you’re selling t-shirts, have a model wear it for you. 

  1. Take It Easy on The Edit

Editing is the last step before you showcase your product to the world. You can essentially achieve a studio photography vibe with the power of editing even if your equipment isn’t fancy.  

Making the best use of Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc., is essential. Color correction, SFX, and a lot more can be done when you know how to dress up your shots in the best way. 

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The right product photography will help your clients clear out any confusion about the product’s real picture instantly, making them buy it without any second thought. Hence, we hope you take the best advice from our article and put it to the best use!